A. while we cannot guarantee the ultimate safety of your belongings, We do employ the most up to date and efficient security at our facilities and Guarantee to be as vigilant at watching your belongings in our facilities as we would our own homes. We do encourage you to consider insuring you contents against damage or loss. ligula sed magna dictum porta.

A. Some belongings, such as pictures fabrics and furniture require an environment more moderately temperature controlled like your home. Some people equate the difference in Conventional Storage to Temperature Controlled Storage to the difference of storing your belongings in your garage or a shed vs storing your belongings in your basement.

A. Drive up access is the most convenient method of storage. No hallways or long walks just pull up and unload!

A. Cornerstone Storage has limited office hours.  We do not have a manager on site every day. We do however Inspect our facilities on a regular basis and monitor each facilities security every day. We are happy to meet our clients at the facility any time its needed. Please make your appointment online or by phone.

A. Regular access is given between the hours of 5am -10pm if your business requires extended hours please talk to us and we can work out your customized access hours.

A. Cornerstone Storage does not insure your belongings, but we do offer Insurance that you can purchase to protect your belongings. We encourage our clients to take advantage of the insurance option and have the peace of mind that goes along with it.

A. for a life-threatening emergency please always call 911 for any emergency related to our facility please call 888-799-9998

A. CLICK HERE for online booking or call 888-799-9998

A. Cornerstone Storage bills our clients monthly on their rental anniversary. If this date is not convenient for you, please contact us